About Dominique

We are all very familiar now with the principles of “the power of positive thinking” and the “laws of attraction”. What Dominique teaches is its counterpart… the difference between Spirit and Soul. She teaches the principles of the Soul which leads each person to answer this question:

How would you live your life if heaven was not above your head but under your feet?domi1

This ultimately leads you to discover and experience the inherent greatness of being a human being.

For the past 26 years Dominique has been conducting workshops and lectures for groups of up to 400 people throughout America, Europe and Australia. To date, she has developed a range of 30 different workshops.

Dominique gathers people from all backgrounds. From businessmen/women, professionals to housewives, doctors to artists, scientists to teachers. She creates distinctive, safe environments that increase each individual’s capacity to expand all that he or she is.

In her workshops, Dominique uses the language of the body to identify and transform the unconscious, internal blocks and limitations that run our lives. She goes to the heart of the emotions that can adversely affect each persons ability to feel fully alive and transforms them. Her commitment is to help people uncover the core of their excellence and leadership. She is a visionary!

Dominique also has a private practice where she works with people individually and with couples. She works with various themes including sexuality, relationships, career development, family dynamics, small businesses, artistic community, and love.


In addition to her workshops Dominique has also trained people in the following areas:

• As a Character Development Coach on a movie directed by Michael Radford (Il Postino, Night at the Blue Iguana) working with Sandra Ho and Chris Hogan.
• She worked with the partner providers of the Alameda County Family Justice Center (lawyers, doctors and social workers) who daily provide services to victims of domestic violence.
• She has worked with business men and women to help them develop the “powerful communicator within” in alignment with the integrity of who they are.

Presently she is in development on the following projects:

• Creator of an online game and community in partnership with the ONE Campaign ( www.one.org ) and Lawrence Bender, the Producer of An Inconvenient Truth.
• Creator of two reality based TV shows, one of them in partnership with Lawrence Bender Productions.
• A feature length documentary about her work.