Beauty is your Birthright

You will discover

How to reclaim and realign the maiden in appropriate relationship with yourself

How to identify your maiden's positive qualities and integrate them into your life

How to identify your maiden's negative aspects and transform her negative patterns

How to protect your maiden from all the negativity coming from your critical voice

How to open the door to the divine feminine in yourself, with all of its extraordinary beauty and magic

The Course


7 modules in video, audio, and written formats

Video lectures explaining the unique theme of each class

Guided visualizations that will take you into the deepest realms of your psyche and give you access to the wisdom and the power within to heal and rebirth one of the most important aspects of yourself as a woman: your maiden

Clear, step-by-step instructions with built-in timing to complete each module

Practices to integrate what you learn with ease into your everyday life


What women are saying

Domi takes you on a voyage inward to meet your soul, with her by your side as a guiding sage

Domi is poignant and direct, and what might have taken months of traditional therapy is addressed in one lesson with her. She guides you through an inward plunge so that, instead of searching outward for answers, it’s just you and your soul. I was able to pinpoint ‘stuck’ pivotal moments in my life and gain tools to liberate myself from their negative effects without ever feeling judgment or shame. It allowed my inner self to provide the answers I sought. This course was a magnificent and loving gift for me, those I love, and, most importantly, my two daughters.

Lili Cuzor
Mother and Educator
This course is one of the most important things you can do for yourself as a woman

It is a lifetime of therapy trying to solve relationship issues. Throughout the course, I kept imagining the kind of world we could create if every woman was given the gift of reclaiming Beauty as Your Birthright. The visualizations are imprinted like a memory in your body so that no matter what new situation you find yourself in, you are able to navigate it moment to moment from the wisdom of what you learned, the wisdom of your soul. It has single handedly transformed my relationship to myself as a woman and in turn has shifted the way I show up in relationships with others.

Lauren Spencer King
Initiating the Maiden was magical, deep and transformative

I learned how my mother's relationship to her sexuality was unconsciously affecting me. Only Domi is the master guide who can lead and chaperone me as I journey into my inner world. Reclaiming my Maiden and healing her has enabled me to set strong healthy boundaries in my relationships and stick to them. Since completing the course, I continue to get insights and make healthy changes because I have a clearer understanding of my patterning. I am empowered, less guarded, and more compassionate.

Lauri Ishihara
Real Estate Agent
It is not often that you get to work with someone as connected, knowledgeable, and intuitive as Domi

Initiating the Maiden was transformational for me in many ways. Connecting with my innate inner feminine and gaining a deeper understanding of how both conditioning and my critical voice affect the Maiden led to a deeper understanding of myself. I will be forever grateful to Domi for this experience!

Meghan Whitfield
Sales Manager

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