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It is as if Domi reveals to us the language of the soul—how to hear, hold, share, and grow it

In a world that is increasingly bereft of the rituals of the soul, Domi is a rare kind of nourishment. How often I move through my days—through moments of joy, pain, transformation, eroticism—with her lessons resounding in my consciousness. Domi is a true mystic, and I cannot imagine my journey in this life without her wisdom. Her work has been crucial for me in times of profound transformation.
Amanda Shank
Artist & Educator

Dominique, is one in a million, once in a lifetime. She is a woman of rare and extraordinary gifts

Her wisdom, intelligence, and depth have provided me with everything I’ve needed for this enduring quest to live and to understand the following burning pillars of my life: relationships, love, power, and sex. She has taken me to the edge of myself and then beyond. Given the state of affairs on the planet, she and her work are needed now more than ever. If you can work with Domi, I urge you to do it with all you have. Then, experience your life unfold as you become more than you ever imagined.
Scott Picard
Organizational Coach and Teacher

I now understand myself in a way that no self-help book or personality framework could ever give me

Domi guides you to learn the lessons from your shadows, wounds, and fears necessary to build the courage to show up for yourself and live the life you've always wanted. She helps you ignite that deeper flame inside of you that carries with you throughout your life, guiding you to embody your wisdom, truth, and soul's purpose. Discovering the depth of intelligence of my body allowed me to experience the limitless potential I never knew I had. As a teacher, Domi’s talent and precision are unmatched.
Aileen Barrameda
Product Designer

Domi’s work has transformed my intimate relationships, friendships, and every encounter

After it, I am choosing better partners, I know my needs, I can navigate conflicts better, and I am more in the truth of the moment when in a relationship. I have clarity where in the past, I would have been baffled, confused, and hurt. Through the work, I realized that I have been trying to control my intimate relationships, and now I feel free to be my authentic self and discover something beyond my wildest dreams.
Lauren Spencer King

Dominique is a master at communicating creative concepts

Because of her keen intuition and understanding of human nature, she empowers both the artist and the human being simultaneously to access their artistry. Through her work, I have learned to be more effective in my work. I have become more aware of and connected to my own true power and creativity. Domi has changed my life forever.
Lawrence Bender
Producer of Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction, and An Inconvenient Truth

Dominique is a genius at uncovering the unconscious themes that limit us in our lives

She has a unique and completely effective way of transforming the energy of those themes into the energy of passionate self-support. I am fully present in my body and feelings. I feel more alive and more joyful than ever. I am more and more in love with my life. I live by discovery and inquiry rather than by plan and agenda. She makes me feel incredibly blessed to be a human being. If she were a male, I believe she would be called a ‘Renaissance Man’; her talents are so varied and so deep.
Myron McClellan
Professional pianist & M.A., D.D., Former Princeton University Professor

Of all the teachers and mentors I have known, Domi unquestionably remains the one who embodies fierce love the most.

She abounds in not just our human love but the deep ancient love and wisdom of the divine feminine. But don’t let that fool you. Her love is only rivaled by her uncanny wit and insight that cuts straight to the point, making you feel altogether witnessed and held in a field of grace as you unravel to your core and heal.
Carlotta Mastrojanni
Womb Shamanism Mentorship

Domi has a paradoxical gift: her work is both universal and highly individualized

I have never encountered this gift in other coaches, healers, or therapists. The simplicity of her exercises, visualizations, and classes make them easily accessible and understood. But what is most unique about them is their ability to access each person to their very core in a unique way only to them and their needs. Domi's work has helped me make immense internal progress and empowered me with countless tools to engage in my growth and share with others. Working with her has made me a better partner, friend, and teacher
Haley Perkins
Ph.D. Student at Cambridge University

Before meeting Domi, I was a boy. After working with her, I was a man.

Previously, I resisted the responsibility of being fully human. But Domi insisted that I dissolve into my essence, my total humanity. She taught me how to welcome that dissonance as a personal teacher when resistance arose. Her teachings are extra-dimensional. They take place outside of time and space. Yet, they resonate within the home of the eternal present: my body. She guided me to transform my ego-bound self-concept into a grounded self-knowing by bringing me back into my physical form. She did so with great love, warmth, and compassion.
Jackson Liguori

I arrived at Domi’s work, newly separated from my husband of 25 years and fired from my job

I was feeling like a fat, frumpy failure. I was excruciatingly reluctant but even more curious about my dormant sexuality and sensuality, so I joined a brave group of men and women to rediscover myself. Today thanks to Domi’s deep caring and experienced guidance, I am a vibrant, beautiful, and discerning woman. I discovered that I am a good artist and a great lover who is comfortable in her own skin.
Nell Merlino
Creator of “Take Our Daughters to Work Day” and “Crown Quest”

Dominique’s teaching has ignited in us the courage and hunger for our greatness

This greatness is coupled with humility, moving those who experience her work to get out into the world with a greater commitment and capacity to make a tangible difference. I have learned to trust my instincts and feelings and discover that greatness and facing my own darkness run hand in hand. She has touched me and others deeply.
Joel May
AIA Award-Winning Architect

Dominique’s work offers a world view in which transformation is not only possible but also our natural birthright

She gives us a way to embrace the parts of ourselves that we once judged or feared and, in so doing, claim our authentic wholeness. This shift doesn’t ask us to deny or transcend our humanity but rather to celebrate our capacity to live as fully embodied human beings within the world. The vision she offers is exciting, transformative, and imminently practical. Bottom line – it works!
John Stowe
Former Professor at Emory University

"There are so many

of what

I call

'fast food' guides and coaches

"There are so many of what I call 'fast food' guides and coaches

What you get is quick, not deep, tasty good, but bad for you and you get addicted. Dominique's teaching is the opposite of that."
Haley Perkins, PhD Student at Cambridge University
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